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  • "American Youth Policy Forum felt that Kate Hartnick Elliott's strategic communication training helped ...AYPF begin to shift from thinking mainly as a non-profit to strategizing as an entrepreneurial organization."

    Sarah S. Pearson, Then Program Director, American Youth Policy Forum

  • "I want you to know that I am really pleased with the way that this site came to life and how it looks. It is clean, informative and well organized.

    Thank you!"

    Robert Garrett, President, Arcadia Aviation

  • "What a wonderful book - elegant and stylish! A great tribute in recognition of a transformational gift. Thank you."

    John Haley, Deputy Campaign Director, The Campaign for NewYork-Presbyterian

  • "I am very pleased. You have taken our history and looked at it with a new eye and I think it makes a compelling story for effectiveness and accountability - past and present... you have really put together quite a story and something I've wanted for a long time...Great piece of work."

    Susan King, Vice President, Public Affairs, Carnegie Corporation of New York

  • "On behalf of the Grantmaker Forum on Community & National Service, I would like to thank you and Carnegie Corporation of New York for giving us the opportunity to work with Kate Hartnick Elliott.

    The consultation with a communications expert came at a critical time for the Grantmaker Forum. The Board of Directors had just made the decision to announce a change in the focus of the organization, to include a broader array of civic engagement strategies rather than a focus on the single strategy of service and volunteering. We had lots of description and explanations about this impending change, but nothing that was clear and succinct. Kate sifted through our reports and drafts, and helped us find our footing on the new path. She helped us develop core messages that we are now using to communicate the change in focus.

    Kate's suggested revisions to our website were concrete, sensible, and mostly easy to implement. We expect to implement all of Kate's recommendations: the first set of changes, mostly issues of placement and layout, will be completed by the end of March and the second stage, changes in content, will be completed by the end of June. Her consultation helped us develop an immediate plan to improve the Web site as well as a sense of direction for the complete overhaul once the organization adopts a new name and mission statement.

    We greatly enjoyed the chance to work with and benefit from the expertise of Kate Hartnick Elliott. Kate was easy to work with, very responsive to our needs, and very helpful..."

    Tina Cheplick, Then Deputy Director, The Grantmaker Forum on Community & National Service

  • "I wanted to let you know that we ended up receiving 150% more applications for this year’s U.S. Leadership Institute than we did last year, and we are thrilled! Thanks to you and Chris for all of your efforts to increase this year’s number of applicants. All of the hard work really paid off. This is by far the most applications that we’ve ever received for this program!"."

    Elisa Munoz, Director, Research and Training, the International Women's Media Foundation

  • "I cannot imagine what we would have done without the two of you! You've re-affirmed my belief in the possibility of excellence, and all without so much as a ruffled feather..."

    Dr. Nancy Jacobs, Executive Director, John Jay College of Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation Center

  • "Hartnick Consulting is an integral part of The New School's communications team. Kate Hartnick's deep understanding of marketing in general and the Internet space in particular, in combination with her deep commitment to The New School and her skill at negotiation, have helped to make our online marketing initiatives from 2001 through the present a success. I enthusiastically recommend her firm."

    George Calderaro, Then Director of Communications, The New School (a division of New School University)

  • "From the time the team submitted their proposal, it was clear that Hartnick Consulting is one of those rare finds - people who know how to learn about an organization, identify and analyze the environment in which it operates, and translate all these learnings into clear, understandable language and appropriate materials. We asked Hartnick to develop a complete marketing program for us in eight weeks, working with a very limited budget, and they delivered everything we asked for, and then some. They were completely engaged, partners from the beginning, with great ideas to offer every step of the way. Hartnick is a high-quality, professional marketing and strategy firm that I am pleased to have an opportunity to endorse."

    Laurie Gross, Then Special Advisor, Strategic Planning and Policy Development, New York City Department of Small Business Services

  • "I don't need to tell you, I know, what an extraordinary job you and your team did. You saw that for yourself and heard it all around last evening. But the credit for assembling such a talented group and for managing their efforts is yours. You brought to this endeavor not only a masterful ability to manage detail, but a capacity to realize a concept along with impeccable taste. The compliments that I am receiving belong equally to you and your team. Once Jay, John and I made the decision to engage you, we had done what needed to be done to make the event a success."

    Dr. Joan Leiman, Chief of Staff, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

  • "At this completion point, a HUGE THANKS to you both for creating and introducing us to our logo. We've had it now long enough to work with it, reproduce it, and know for sure we love it."

    Tina Cheplick, Then Deputy Director, PACE: Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement

  • "Kate worked with us to develop a promotional plan for our Sonic Memorial project. Amidst the plethora of September 11th news and projects, Kate formulated a plan of action that was focused, decisive and smart.

    Kate backs up her great strategic thinking with an approach that is thorough and innovative. She was accessible, enthusiastic and utterly dependable, and we would gladly recommend her to new clients. We look forward to working with her to promote future projects."

    Alison Cornyn and Sue Johnson, Co-Founders, Picture Projects

  • "Kate, I just wanted to thank you for leading our Website Users Group session on The Basics of E-Marketing. Your presentation was articulate, well organized, and comprehensive. Somehow you managed to make your remarks relevant to all of the agencies represented...regardless of their size or level of website knowledge. I saw that almost everyone walked away with at least a page or two of notes to take back to their work sites. And you are clearly a pro at managing group dynamics and participation. It was gratifying to see that people were not only asking questions, but they were also sharing their experiences with those individuals who were less experienced. We are grateful for the pro bono time that you devoted to this program."

    Sally Kaplan, Project Manager, Management Assistance Program, UJA-Federation of New York

  • "I reviewed the NLDI [Nonprofit Leadership Development Institute] marketing plan yesterday...which is great. I'm looking forward to implementing it in every way possible."

    Brian Joyce, Then Senior Director, Community Investment, United Way of New York City

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